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Below are featured clients I’ve been fortunate to work with.

Terence Clark
John Legend "Love in the Future: Medley" Drum Cover
Role: Tracking

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital & GoPro Productions
A video about a song inspired by a St. Jude patient who defied the odds.
Role: Tracking 


"Love this guy. Not only does he excel at the technical side of making music, he loves people and does all he can do to help people - especially when it comes to creating something new." Wes Leyshon, Avowel Studio

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Taylor Daniels
Girl from Ipanema
Role: Tracking & Mix Engineer

Idle & Wild
Come a little closer
Role: Tracking Engineer

Anna Bailey
Feeling Good
Role: Tracking & Mix Engineer


Tracking & MixING

Savannah Brister [NBC’s ‘The Voice’]
Taylor Daniel (EP & Album)
Anna J. Jarosz (EP)
Valarie June
Shannon McNally
Jeffery Jordan (Self Titled)
Amy Rodell
Anna Bailey
Micheala Schmit (Album)
Fran Mooney (Album)
Star & Micey
Braircrest Christian Schools One Voice (2 Albums)
Briarcrest Christian School Band
J.T. Page (Christmas Album)
4 Rivers (Album)
Otis Faithful (Album)
Mr. Del [Grammy & Dove-Award nominated] (FaithWalka & Hope Dealer Albums)
Whiskey Republic
Crossing Jordan Quartet (Album)
Rhe Janse (Album)
Bob Cook (Album)
Bill Dollahite
Charles Pender (Album)
Sunburnt Moon (EP)
HisSound (Album)
Aisha and Taisha Dubose (EP)
Candace Ashir (EP)
Karma Electra (Album)
While I Breathe I Hope (Album)
Steven Lee (Album)
Seriphum (Album)
Conspiritor (Album)
Blind Gator (Album)
Peter Ngutu
Francedia Lopes (Album)
Oriana Lee (Album)
David Troy Francis (Album)
Kate Black (EP)



Darius Rucker [Grammy-Award winner]
Sheri Jones-Moffett [Grammy nominated & Stellar-Award winner] (Live Recording)
Kurt Carr [Dove & Stellar-Award Winner]
Ginny Owens [Dove-Award winner]
Bruce Carroll [Grammy & Dove-Award winner] (Studio & Live)
Sarah Simmons [NBC's 'The Voice']
Idle & Wild
Terence Clark
REACH (Album)
   Alicia Diallo (Live Recording)    Propaganda (“Crooked” Drums)
Tennessee Mass Choir
Al Perkins
George Cocchini
Matt Tudor (Studio & Live Recording)
Dave LeMieux (Live Recording)
Lexus (Commercial)
From this Fire
Andrew Knox and the New Change (Live Recording)
Kameron Whalum
Free Sol
ECS Choir
The Great American HomeStore
Courtney Richardson (Live Recording)
Karlos Nicols (Live Studio Recording)



Front of House

Kirk Whalum
Aaron Shust
Jeremy Horn
Matthew West
Bruce Carroll [Grammy and Dove-Award winner]
Shannon McNally
Sara Groves
Issac Hayes Tribute
Kim Hill
Rick Recht
Nicole C. Mullens
Mark Schultz
Jenn Grinels
Bebo Norman
Free Sol
David Crowder Band
The Stirring Band
Hope Church Worship Band
Family Force 5
Brenton Brown
Al Perkins
George Cocchini
Rock the Vote 08 (Oxford MS)
Hymns Project (Hymns of Hope)
Milton Carroll
Jon Reddick
Dennis Swanburg
Bob Bennett
Billy Sprague
Al Kapone
Donald Miller
Folk Alliance Showcase 2006
Dylan Sneed
Tim Hawkins
Jill Dyson
Hope Church Worship Band